Company Profile
      Fujian Luen Fung Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in the provincial capital of Fujian, a well-known historical and cultural city of China, a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a city with blessings – Changle, Fujian.
      Registered in Jiangtian Town, Changle City, Fujian Province in 2012, formerly known as Maojun Textile, with a history of over ten years, we are an export-oriented enterprise with Hong Kong capital. It is a key project in Fujian with 10 million yuan of registered capital, 30 million yuan of total investment, over 300 million yuan for production and sales volume.
      We are a professional warp knitting enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales, dyeing and finishing, mainly producing a variety of wide lace, lace fabric, jacquard fabric, mesh fabric, etc., which are widely used in  female underwear, bra, evening dress, fashion clothes, etc.
      Since its establishment, adhering to the business philosophy of “professional, integrity, high-quality, efficient” and spirit of educating people of “moral priority, balancing ability, team first, dedicated to work", we have seized the market opportunities to make a bigger and stronger sale. After the formation, we develop and strengthen rapidly, relying on geographical advantages of the famous Changle textile base and its own resources superiority.
      Currently, our annual sales have reached 300 million yuan, covering a number of well-known fashion brands at home and abroad, mainly for foreign customers (Australia, the United States, Indonesia in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh, etc.), striving to become the first-class textile manufacturers. Thus, we enjoy a good reputation with the same industry and customers alike.
      With modern management concept, sticking to “seeking survival from professional service, seeking development from integrity and mutual win”, we are moving forward the competitive stage of globalization gradually. We aim at the business philosophy of “professional, integrity, high-quality, and efficient”, constantly enrich the connotation of enterprise culture “unity and cooperation, dedication and trustworthiness, pragmatic and truth-seeking, innovative and enterprising”, actively participate in market competition. We depend on good faith to make friends, cling to excellent service to enhance friendships, and sincerely create value for customers, to provide high quality and reliable products and wholeheartedly service.
      The company is headquartered in Jiangtian Town, Changle, with weaving factory, dyeing factory, branch factory, Fuzhou office, and Hong Kong office, and the branch factory is set up in Songxia Town, Changle, next to 201 National Highway with convenient transportation.
      We have a broad space and platform, welcome talented people from all walks of life to join us and altogether create magnificently.
Welfare and Benefits:
1. Provide free accommodation, dormitory with wifi, air conditioning, water heater, and toilet.
Contact Number: 0591-28705087-801  17759072816 HR 
Please bring your ID card and relevant valid credentials for the interview.
Address and Route:
(1)    Jiangtian Headquarter: No. 9 North Road, Mianqian Port, Jiangtian Village, Jiangtian Town, Changle District, Fuzhou City.
Fuzhou North Railway Station, Baihuting Station ——Changle Jiangtian Passenger Station (Jiangtian Roundabout) -Lingfeng Hotel.
(2)    Huaguan Branch: Shouzhi Village (in Huaguan Textile Factory), Binhai Industrial Zone, Songxia Town, Changle District, Fuzhou City.
Fuzhou North Railway Station, Baihuting Station ——Changle Jiangtian Passenger Station (Jiangtian Roundabout) ——Huaguan Textile Co., Ltd. (201 National Highway) - Second Floor of LFT.
(3)    Fuzhou Company: 610, Block C2, Wanda Plaza, Taijiang District, Fuzhou City.
(4)    Hong Kong Company: Hong Kong Company: 13F,Unit 5D,Bold Win Industrial Building, 16-18 Wahsing St,Kwai Chung,NT,HK.

聯系電話:0591-28705087-801  人事部:17759072816 郵箱 
(1)    江田總部:福州市長樂區江田鎮江田村面前港北路9號,福州北站、白湖亭站——長樂江田客運站(江田環島)——靈峰大酒店附近
(2)    江田分部:福州市長樂區江田鎮友愛村工業路20-21號,福州北站、白湖亭站 —— 長樂江田鎮友愛村 —— 友愛村公交站后面(名流KTV斜對面入口50M右手邊)
(3)    福州公司:福州市臺江區萬達廣場C2座610
(4)    香港公司:香港葵涌華星街16-18號保盈工業大廈13樓D室5號單位